Medical reminders

This year again, the Grand Raid medical team together with SAMU 974, PGHM, SDIS and some ambulances of the Red Cross will be in charge of the medical assistance on the Grand Raid, the Trail de Bourbon and the Mascareignes. However, as usual, we believe prevention is better than cure and so, here are some reminders for you to read.

Réunion is famous for being an “extreme island”, where temperatures vary during the day. In the morning, next to the volcano, temperatures of 0°C and even minus 2° C. are regularly registered. Remember to carry adequate clothing. Later on during the day, it can be hot in the sun : spread sun cream on, protect yourself with headwear : a cap, a hat or a scarf.

You must frequently rehydrate, drinking a little water at a time (every 15-20 mns, before you feel thirsty and whatever the temperature).
It is essential to avoid not only acute dehydration but also chronic dehydration (on the long run). Performances are affected and it can even be dangerous. The simplest way to be sure you drink enough is to check your urine : it must be clear and you must urinate several times a day. Dark urine and not urinating are the first signs of danger.

Too strenuous an effort can result in stomach problems (vomiting, diarrhea) : slow down if you feel the first symptoms. Do not hesitate to stop if needs be to let your body recover.

Do not forget to bring along with you your own medicine if you are under medical treatment as well as your usual adjuvant ( vitamins, homeopathic pills..) It is also advisable to carry a small first aid kit (aspirin, anti diarrhea pills, …).

We wish you a good race and hope to see you all at the finish.
Dr Rémy Mamais, in charge of the medical team.