Withdrawing from the race :

Having to withdraw can happen to anyone and it is by no means shameful!

Any racer who withdraws must notify the nearest refreshment point and get his bib invaliated.

The organization provides buses only from Cilaos (to Saint Louis) and from Deux Bras (to Rivière des Galets, La Possession) and from Sentier Scout to Grand Ilet. Competitors are strongly advised to carry money and a mobile phone with them.

Never leave the race without notifying a race marshal. For safety reasons the Organization calls rescue teams for any unaccounted for competitor.

Remember that if you withdraw in Mafate, rescue by car is impossible. Only seriously injured competitors will be evacuated by helicopter. Others will have to leave, after resting and given first aid medical treatment if needed, at the time the refreshment point closes and walk to the nearest road access.

La Diagonale des fous and le Trail de Bourbon are ultra trails, Mascareignes a hard trail also. One cannot “enjoy the wild beauty of the cirques and a unique feeling of loneliness” (to quote participants) and expect to be carried out in a sedan chair if one feels overtired!