Organizing The Grand Raid means solving complex logistical problems. For each competitor, either a champion or a glorious anonymous, volunteers are there to help, comfort, feed and encourage them all.

Table 1 gives you an idea of our chief caretaker’s shopping list. No other event on the island requires mastering such logistics.

This is what it takes to feed the competitors over the four days of the race but volunteers often are on duty longer to get things ready. They too, need food and drink !

Camp beds, tents, tables, medical equipment, food and drinks, computers, generators are things brought up to each assistance point ?

Transport by helicopter is needed to many of those points.

Helicopters cannot do everything!
An impressive fleet of vehicles is needed throughout the week of the race : lorries, vans, 4wheel drive, all sorts of vehicles are used, not to forget 12 buses to transport competitors to the start !