Introducing Reunion Island

La Réunion

Over its 2500Km2, Reunion Island offers the variety of a full size continent. Tropical landscapes become alpine while wetlands turn to dry volcano slopes. Human history has produced a blend of cultures from Africa, Europe and Asia.

In the Indian Ocean, a small French territory, Reunion Island, challenges all accepted clichés about tropical islands. Every exotic dream is present: beaches lined by palm trees, coral reef, blue lagoons. But this is only part of what the island has to offer : nature has carved out unique sceneries, today part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Forming an almost perfect circle with its circular road 240km long, Reunion island is a mountain in the sea, born from two volcanic eruptions.


About two and a half million years ago, today’s highest point ( le Piton des Neiges- 3069m) emerged from the sea. Only 380000years ago, about a hundred kilometers to the south, a second eruption resulted in a new volcanic mountain which soon united with the first.

Today, Le Piton de la Fournaise (22632m) is an active volcano which regularly bursts into spectacular eruptions that can be watched safely. To the center, three cirques (Mafate, Cilaos, Salazie) open out to the sea via narrow passages. Mountain lovers enjoy trekking on their paths, while admiring high waterfalls and deep gorges.


The coral reef which extends over about fifteen kilometers on the western and southern parts of the island quickly gives way to deep waters. On land, in the air, on and deep in the ocean, leisurely activities are available all year round.

Reunion island is a unique leisure park. Enjoy deep sea fishing for marlin or swordfish, dive to admire sunfish and puffin, surf on the ocean waves, canyon down the rivers, trek on foot, cycle, drive 4X4 cars, just fly over the island on helicopter or try paragliding.


Even the most demanding tourists will be pleased by the choice of activities both sporting and cultural.

Reunion Island has a rainbow population of about 800000 inhabitants. Over the last three centuries it welcomed people from France, East Africa, Madagascar, the Comoro islands, China, India and Pakistan.

In Reunion Island, anywhere and at anytime, everyone enjoys his/her leisurely activity in a totally new and safe environment.