Article 1 : Organization

THE GRAND RAID ASSOCIATION (Association Loi 1901) organizes on Reunion Island the Grand Raid commonly called "La Diagonale des Fous", Le Trail de Bourbon, La Mascareignes and the " Zembrocal Trail ”.

Article 2 : Definition of events

A) La Diagonale des Fous is a semi-autonomous Ultra Trail , crossing Reunion Island from south to north
To participate, competitors must provide proof of having finished during a period specified by specific conditions (available on the association’s website) two entirely foot races in one stage, each awarding at least 85 points, this by considering the following count: 1km = 1pt and 100m of D+ = 1pt.- (for example a trail of 60km long and 2500D+ is worth 60+25=85 points)

B) The Trail de Bourbon is a semi -autonomous Ultra Trail .
To participate, competitors must prove that they have completed - during a period specified by special conditions (available on the association’s website) an entirely pedestrian race, in one stage, awarding at least 75 points according to the following count: 1km =1pt and 100m of D+ =1pt.- (for example a trail of 50km long and 2500D+ is worth 50+25=75 points)

C) La Mascareignes is a semi -autonomous Trail .
These events take place in one stage at the pace of each, taking into account the time barriers listed in the road book and available online.

D) The Zembrocal Trail is a semi -autonomous Trail relay .
Each team is made up of 4 torchbearers.
The maximum time for each event is specified in a table of time barriers available online and included in the road book. Competitors will no longer be classified beyond these deadlines because they are out of the race. They cannot claim to benefit from the assistance provided by the Organization, which declines all responsibility for the consequences that may result.

Article 3 : General Conditions

All competitors undertake to submit to these rules without reservation by the mere fact of their registration and release the organizers from liability for any incident or accident that may occur as a result of non-compliance with them.

Article 4 : Conditions of admission of competitors

All these events are reserved for trained people in good physical condition, fully aware of the difficulty and specificity of each event.
Competitors will have to face extreme conditions specific to the mountains and to weather and climate variations. For La Diagonale des Fous, the Trail de Bourbon, the Mascareignes and the Zembrocal Trail , is admitted as a competitor, any person aged 20 or over on the day of the start of the race in which he wishes to participate.

To validate his registration, each competitor guaranteed to participate in one of the events must:
- Adhere to the registration form, validate it online, and pay the related fees.
- Provide a medical certificate (standard model provided by the Organization) attesting to the competitor’s fitness for the event (prolonged and intense efforts at altitude) completed and returned to the Organization, imperatively on the dates appearing on it or on our website.
- Keep informed of the rules applicable in health matters in the department of La Réunion.

The bib number will only be allocated upon receipt by the Organization and validation of this certificate, as well as verification of the points allocated according to the requirements of the races.

During the delivery of the bibs, each bib will be given individually to each runner on presentation of an identity document with photo.

The Association reserves the right to refuse the registration of a runner on whom a disqualifying sanction has been imposed, during a previous edition or for any other serious reason.

Apart from the waiting lists (according to the established order), no withdrawal will give rise to a replacement, with the impossibility of going from one race to another.

For the Zembrocal Trail it is allowed on the proposal of the team captain, to replace the withdrawal of one of his teammates, before August 31 deadline.

The participation of pets is prohibited in all races.

Article 5 : Categories of competitors and rankings

5.1. All participants in La Diagonale des fous, the Trail de Bourbon and the Mascareignes are grouped into one of the 13 age categories Men and Women listed in the table below:

* Categories Men Women Age group
1 Hope



20 - 22
2 Senior



23 - 34

3 Master 0



35 - 39

4 Master 1



40 - 44

5 Master 2



45 - 49

6 Master 3



50 - 54

7 Master 4



55 - 59

8 Master 5



60 - 64

9 Master 6



65 - 69

10 Master 7



70 - 74

11 Master 8



75 - 79

12 Master 9



80 - 84

13 Master 10



85 - 89

To define the age category, the calendar year is taken into account.
Scheduled classifications: In addition to these classifications, La Diagonale des Fous, the Trail de Bourbon and the Mascareignes include the following classifications:

* Individual (the): Men’s Scratch and Women’s Scratch.

* Team of 3 riders minimum, not mixed with a team classification according to the total points (according to the general scratch classification) obtained by the first 3 members of the team to cross the finish line.

In case of equality of points, the teams will be separated according to the scratch classification of each first of each team.
The team classification allows the classifications in Scratch and in the age categories provided in the table above. For a team to be classified, at least 3 members of this team must have crossed the finish line.

5.2. Zembrocal Trail
1-Team Men,
2-Team Women,
3-Mixed Team.

5.3 The time of each competitor for the Zembrocal trail , or team will be broken down into hours, minutes and seconds. Reminder that the team classification for the other DDF, TDB and MAS races is based on the accumulation of places in the classification and not on the clock.
The Organization’s chronometer will be the only official reference.
In the event of an equal finish, the advantage will be given to the oldest who can waive it, being reminded that only one reward will be awarded for this position. The control at the finish will allow the timekeepers to establish the classifications of the event.

Article 6 : Equipment provided by the Organization

Bib, T-shirt, safari cap, electronic chips, identification bracelet and assistance bags depending on the race. Tank top (the latter, only for the Diagonale des Fous)

Article 7 : Identification of Partners

Runners are not authorized to wear a T-shirt or tank top other than that provided by the Association from the start to the second checkpoint and from the penultimate checkpoint until the finish . Outside of these portions of the event, competitors are allowed to wear a T-shirt or tank top of their choice.
Any breach will be penalized (Cf. art. 17)

Article 8 : Verification at the start and during the race

During check-in at the start, the competitor must spontaneously present his bib affixed to the front and at waist height.
This in its entirety must be worn exclusively on the chest or stomach and must be visible at all times and in full for the duration of the race. The systematic control of the compulsory equipment will be carried out on the day of the delivery of the bibs. This is to check if each competitor has the compulsory equipment mentioned in article 16. No one will be able to take the start if he does not have the equipment required by the organization.
An unexpected check of the compulsory equipment by the race director, his assistants and the race marshals may also be carried out at any time during the event.

Article 9 : Checkpoints

Checkpoints are distributed along the route, and constitute compulsory check-in sites for competitors. Electronic scoring is done using chips provided by the organization.
The latter reserves the right to have checkpoints not included in the list of official checkpoints. To be authorized to continue the event for which they are registered, competitors must leave the checkpoints before the fixed time limit (regardless of the time of arrival at the checkpoint). Failing this, they will be disqualified with the obligation to return the bib. Any continuation of the event will be unauthorized in view of the regulations in place and for safety reasons.

Regarding the Zembrocal Trail , the team can only be classified if all the torchbearers reach the following positions in the order which will be pre-established before the start, and within the time limits set out in the road book, it being understood that at each check-in, the two torchbearers (arriving and departing) must present their bibs together.

Also any torchbearer who has not covered the fraction of the relay which was assigned to him within the time limits which were allocated to him will necessarily be excluded from the Zembrocal Trail and consequently all the rest of the team.

Article 10 : Abandonment

In case of abandonment, the competitor must notify the person in charge of the nearest checkpoint and give him his bib so that he can be neutralized.
Failing this, the Organization declines all responsibility for the consequences that may result (triggering of research, etc.) and on the other hand, the Organization reserves the right to refuse the runner’s registration for subsequent editions.

Article 11 : Descriptive table of races

The table of time barriers is available to competitors when distributing bibs and on the Association’s website. It includes practical information such as the opening and closing times of the stations, refreshment points, medical assistance, etc.
This description may be modified by the Organization depending on the circumstances.

Article 12 : Medical Assistance

A multidisciplinary medical team set up by the Organization will be present throughout the duration of the tests. It will provide medical assistance to competitors at the positions listed in the road book and on the website. It will immediately notify the Clerk of the Course or his Deputy of the competitor’s inability to continue the event.

Each competitor undertakes at the time of registration to report in writing to the Association in the event of the use of a prescription subject to an Authorization for Use for Therapeutic Purposes (AUT). Likewise, he undertakes to keep the organization informed before the race of any problem relating to the health rules in use in the department of La Réunion.

First aid stations are only intended to provide assistance to anyone in difficulty.
It is up to a runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:

- by going to a first aid station
- by calling the number indicated on his bib
- by asking another runner to contact the emergency services
- by using the Sarah Event device, which he must first download to his mobile phone.

Each runner must assist anyone in difficulty and notify the emergency services.
A runner calling upon the medical or paramedical profession or a rescuer submits in fact to their authority and undertakes to accept their decisions.
The official first aiders and doctors are in particular empowered:
- to report to the race director or his deputy any competitor who is unfit to continue the event
- to evacuate by any means the riders they deem to be in danger.
-  to hospitalize runners whose state of health requires it.

The choice of the means of evacuation and the place of hospitalization is the sole decision of the rescuers and official doctors.

Each runner must stay on the marked path of the races. Any runner who voluntarily strays from the marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the Organization, or from the date of proven care by a third party. However, he is required to notify the Race Direction as soon as possible by all means.

Article 13 : Insurance

The Association has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the sporting events with regard to third parties and competitors, which implies that the damage suffered by the latter is generated by a fault of the Organization. In addition, collective insurance covering each competitor is taken out by the Organization.

The Association’s liability is released from abandonment, disqualification for late check-in, by medical decision or other decision of the Race Direction (Article 19).

It is recommended that each competitor take out personal accident insurance covering search and evacuation costs. Helicopter evacuations at the competitor’s initiative, not granted by medical regulations, are chargeable. The choice of evacuation depends exclusively on the organization, which will systematically prioritize the safety of the runners.

Article 14 : Assistance provided by the organization during the event

The competitor will only be able to benefit from this assistance at the rest and refueling points provided by the Organisation, mentioned in the Road Book and on the website.

The principle of these races is food self-sufficiency, however, almost all of the stations (see list in the Road Book and official website) are supplied with drinks and food of the marathon type with hot meals on certain stations.
Only runners wearing a visible and duly checked bib have access to the refreshment posts.

Article 15 : Personal assistance

Outside the tolerance zones, clearly marked near the refueling stations by the head of station, it is forbidden for competitors to be accompanied or to accept to be accompanied, during all or part of the race for which they are entered by a person who does not take part in one of these events. Being reminded that personal assistance is not authorized on the refueling stations set up by the Organization, this provision includes any "flying" assistance of the "hare" type, guides, "water carriers". .

The points prohibited to competitors’ assistance vehicles will be those mentioned in the prefectural decree authorizing the race.

Only bags of spare clothing entrusted to the Organization as part of the race must imperatively be collected by their owner no later than 2 hours after the closing of the last race at the Stade de La Redoute. Beyond that, the runner must come himself to pick up his bag, at his own expense, no later than 24 hours after the closing of the races.
He must inquire with the Organization of the place and recovery times, failing which, they will be destroyed.

Only the bags provided by the Organization will be sent to the posts provided for this purpose. The content of the bags is not checked, no dispute on the content on arrival is admissible.
It is recommended not to place valuables there. In the event of loss of the assistance bag during events involving the proven liability of the Organization, a lump sum of 100.00 Euros will be allocated on request (not cumulative).

The repatriation time depends on logistical constraints. The Organization cannot guarantee complete repatriation of the bags before the end of the race.
The bags are given either to the competitor or to relatives, exclusively on presentation of the bib and an identity document.

Article 16 : Equipment

The equipment determines the safety of the competitor.
Also, each competitor must, throughout the duration of the event in which he is participating, be able to present the compulsory equipment listed below:

a) obligatory: in addition to wearing the bib face-on, wearing the race bracelet provided by the organization, your personal bag on which the electronic chip must be fixed, given by the organization when the bibs are handed over, no exchangeable during the course.

A bag of sufficient capacity to carry the mandatory equipment consisting of the following:
- 1 headlamp or torch with spare batteries or batteries,
- 1 water reserve minimum 1.5 L,
- 1 whistle,
- 1 mobile phone with sufficient charging capacity to provide for your entire race. On which it is recommended to download the "Sara Event" application
- For the Diagonale des Fous and the Trail de Bourbon, 2 adhesive elastic bands for bandaging or strapping and 1 for the Mascareignes and the Zembrocal Trail per team member, with a minimum length of 2.50 m. and 6 to 8 cm wide,
- 1 constant and sufficient food reserve to connect the supply points,
- 1 waterproof rainwear with hood, and heat-sealed seams. (Windbreaker to be avoided, insufficient protection).
- 1 warm “second skin” type garment with long sleeves in technical fabrics adapted to the environment,
- 1 cup per person (reusable)
- 1 piece of identification
- 1 survival blanket with a minimum size of 1.4m X 2m.

b) The mandatory equipment listed above is a vital minimum, and we can only recommend the equipment below (non-exhaustive list):
• The road book,
• A second headlamp or torch and spare batteries or batteries,
• 1 second cup (one for the dry, the other for the soup),
• 1 sweater,
• 1 lighter,
• 1 piece of string for possible repairs,
• 1 sunscreen,
• 1 tube of Vaseline,
• Spare clothes,
• A minimum of money for possible repairs.
• 1 survival blanket 1.4mx 2m

c) Any use of a stick, of whatever type, is strictly prohibited under penalty of sanctions.

d) In the event of exceptional measures such as COVID 19, the association will inform the competitors of the rules to be applied at time T.

Article 17 : Penalty and disqualifications

Race marshals present on the courses, and the heads of post of the various control and refueling points under the control of the race director or his assistant are authorized to enforce the rules and to immediately apply a penalty or disqualification in the event of non-compliance, according to the following table:

Violation of the rules Penalty – Disqualification

Non-compliance with one or more of the elements of article 16:
• Warning on the day of the first check.
• End of race in case of recurrence or negative control on the race

Absence of a bag or any other container to transport the mandatory equipment:
• Immediate disqualification

Bib not affixed regularly. The latter must be affixed to the front and not to the bag:
• Reminder of the Rules at first finding
• Penalty of 40 minutes in case of recidivism

Assistance outside authorized areas (as defined in Article 15):
• Reminder of the rules at the first observation
• Penalty of 1 hour in case of recidivism

Trash Throw:
• One-hour penalty and pick-up on first finding
• In case of refusal of collection and / or recidivism immediate disqualification

Non-assistance to a person in difficulty:
• Penalty of at least one hour (on the contrary in the event of assistance to a person in difficulty the race direction will judge the follow-up to the data)

Cheating (use of a means of transport, bib sharing, etc.):
• Immediate disqualification.
• Race ban for 3 years

Other cheats (taking shortcuts, Absence of an anti-cheat mark, …):
• According to the appreciation of the race direction
• Race ban for 3 years

Absence of an electronic chip:
• According to the decision of the race jury

Failure to pass through a checkpoint:
• Immediate disqualification

Refusal of anti-doping control, Use of narcotics, Positive anti-doping control:
• Disqualification from the event more Ban on racing for 3 years.
Sanction by the AFLD plus ban on racing for 3 years (if confirmed by the passage before the jury of events)

Use of stick:
• Penalty of one hour in addition to a sanction from the Réunion National Park

Non-respect of people (organization or runners):
• Immediate disqualification

Pointing beyond the closing time of a checkpoint:
• Disqualification (out of the race)

Non-compliance with the exceptional health rules imposed on all races (distribution of bibs, departures, arrivals, distribution of rewards):
• Warning and reminder of measures during the first observation.
• Sanctions at the discretion of the Trial Jury in the event of a repeat offence.

Refusal to be examined by the medical team during the event, Physical or psychological state of the competitor deemed unfit to continue the event by the race director on the advice of a doctor:
• Disqualification

Non-compliance with article 7:
• 1 hour penalty

Any oral or written position taken before, during and after the sporting event with a defamatory or offensive connotation, may be sanctioned by the Steering Committee by a ban on participating in one or more events for one or more years depending on the seriousness . comments made, regardless of any legal proceedings.

The penalties for the above breaches are cumulative.

Article 18 : Complaints

They will be admissible in writing within 30 minutes after the arrival of the last of each race and after the complete posting of the provisional results which will be published only on the internet.
They will be the subject of a decision by the Jury of the events before the posting and the promulgation of the final results.

Article 19 : Test Jury

It is made up of: The President; Vice-Presidents of the Grand Raid Association; the Clerk of the Course concerned by the dispute; a representative of the National Park for advice, when the problem submitted to the jury concerns the environment; a designated representative of the relevant race (rider); any competent person whose presence is deemed useful by the jury. The latter is empowered to rule within a period compatible
With the imperatives of the race on any dispute or disqualification occurring during the event after having duly heard the person concerned. Decisions are final.
At the end of the examination of the complaints presented in the form and within the period provided for in art. 18, the final results will be announced.

Article 20 : Photo, Television, Video Coverage and Rights :

Any competitor expressly waives the right to use his image during the event, as he waives all recourse against the organizer and its approved partners for the use of his image. As for audiovisual or photo professionals, they must obtain their accreditations from the Organization. It is also understood that no image, no photograph or no video film may be marketed to private partners or television channels of any kind whatsoever without the express agreement of the Grand Raid Association.
In addition, any competitor is informed that registration for one of the races organized by the association is worth the acceptance of distribution to its partners of the e-mail address as included in its registration file. This in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Article 21 : Security and Assistance :

They are provided by a network of checkpoints and health posts (medical and paramedical), first aiders, PGHM, SAMU, controllers-flaggers, Serre-Files teams, etc.

Article 22 : Registration fees :

The amount of registration fees per competitor is indicated on the website. These rights include all of the items listed in Articles 6, 11, 13, 14 & 15.
In the event of cancellation of registration, refunds will be made in the manner indicated in the specific terms and conditions.
Any request for withdrawal must be made by e-mail or by post. No withdrawal is recorded by telephone.
Medical certificates: Beyond the date listed in the specific terms and conditions, the file will be null and void, without reminder or reimbursement of registration fees.

Article 23 : Rankings and awards :

A table of rewards is in the road book and on the website.
In addition, all " finishers " receive a T-shirt, a commemorative medal and a voucher for a meal. As for the diploma attesting to their performance, it can be downloaded.

Article 24 : Modification of the course :

The Organization reserves the right at any time to modify the route and the locations of the refreshment and/or rescue stations without notice. In the event of force majeure (in particular in the event of bad weather conditions and for security reasons), the Organization reserves the right to stop the event in progress or to modify the time barriers.

Article 25 : Closing of registrations :

Registrations will be closed no later than the date shown on the website. The number of registrants is set each year by the Steering Committee of the Association with mention on the website.

Article 26 : Cancellation of events :

In the event of cancellation of the races:

- On the initiative of the Organization: the Association le Grand Raid will refund to the competitors the amount of their registrations in the form of a renewal of their participation for the following year. In case of withdrawal, the amount of the registrations will remain with the association.

- In the event of force majeure (exceptional bad weather, volcanic eruption, administrative ban or any unforeseeable event) the amount of registrations will be retained by the Association.