Registration formalities


“La Diagonale des Fous”, “Le Trail De Bourbon”, “La Mascareignes” and “The relay race, the Zembrocal trail ” will take place from October 19 to 22nd .

In view of the 2023 registrations relating to the 4 races organized by the Grand Raid Association, here is the information that will allow you to register in full knowledge of the facts.


 La Diagonale des Fous : 3000 places offered, distributed as follows :
▪ 1250 places for local resident competitors in the draw.
▪ 1250 places for competitors residing in mainland France and Dom-Com (300 by drawing lots and 950 by selling packages).
▪ 250 places outside the draw for foreigners not resident in France, including
Dom-Com .
▪ 250 places reserved for our partners

The Trail de Bourbon : 1800 places offered, distributed as follows:
▪ 1150 places for local resident competitors in the draw.
▪ 450 places for competitors residing in mainland France and Dom-Com (250 by drawing lots and 200 by selling packages).
▪ 50 places excluding draws for non-resident foreigners in France including
Dom-Com .
▪ 150 places reserved for our partners.

 La Mascareignes : 1800 places offered, distributed as follows:
▪ 1150 places for local resident competitors in the draw.
▪ 450 places for competitors residing in mainland France and Dom-Com (250 by drawing lots and 200 by selling packages).
▪ 50 places for foreigners not resident in France including
Dom-Com .
▪ 150 places reserved for our partners.

 Zembrocal trail , 4-person relay race: 200 teams of 4, i.e. 800 places offered.
As soon as the quota of 200 teams is reached, registrations for the zembrocal relay trail will be automatically closed. Once the registration date has passed, no place will be reallocated, even if the teams withdraw: the number of remaining teams will therefore remain as it is once registration is closed.


Provisions common to all draws for competitors regardless of their nationality and place of residence:
Dates to remember: Pre-registration period from January 23rd, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. to March 24th , 2023 at midnight, Réunion time for all.
The draws will take place on March 31st , 2023 at 2 p.m., Reunion time.

These random draws will take place under the supervision of a bailiff, it being specified that they will only take place if the requests for pre-registration are greater than the number of places offered.

All those who in 2022 were not drawn and did not benefit from the possibility of registration for any race whatsoever, will have a coefficient of 2 allowing them to have a better chance of being drawn. This is subject to pre-registration for the same race as in 2022 and having used the same runner account.

Payment in full of the registration price will be requested upon pre-registration for the winners of the draws.
This amount will be refunded to the losers of the draws in the week following the draw.

Pre-registration for the draw is individual on La Diagonale des fous, the Trail de Bourbon and the Mascareignes and concerns only one race. The constitution of a team (of 3 runners minimum) on these three races will only be possible by a team leader (designated by the runners) via his runner account directly on the site only after the date of the draw scheduled for 31 march. The latter made sure to know his teammates well so that none of them had already been registered for any race.

As far as the Zembrocal Trail is concerned, the pre-registration for the Zembrocal Trail is for the whole team.
The team leader will pre-register himself and the other 3 members of his team. He or she must therefore make sure that he or she and his or her teammates have a runner’s account ACTIVE and COMPLETE, to know the runner’s account numbers and to make sure that no pre-registration is already registered for another race.

Regarding the Zembrocal Trail , the pre-registration to the Zembrocal Trail covers the whole team.
The team leader will pre-register himself and the other 3 members of his team. He must therefore ensure beforehand that he, or she, and his teammate(s) have an ACTIVE and COMPLETE runner’s account , to know the runner’s account numbers and to ensure that no pre - registration is not already registered on another race.

Any pre-registration under the same name for several races or several times for the same race will be cancelled! The association will notify the competitors concerned of these anomalies by e-mail.

In addition, a waiting list will be set up by draw on the same day as the draw for the main list. This waiting list will make it possible to replace, by order of the draw, the places that have become vacant, it being understood that the same conditions (identity document, points; compulsory standard medical certificate) will be applied.

This list will be updated and published regularly.

The stiffness solicited by waiting list will have a deadline fixed at the time of the solicitation date to pay their registration (failing this, the benefit of this possibility will be definitively lost as well as the coefficient 2)

Proposals for registration will be made on the same race from the waiting lists of locals or non-residents until August 31st maximum .


Sale of packages:
It will be entrusted to our partner Bourbon Voyages and will include at least the registration for a race, a return plane ticket and three nights through a large network of national travel agencies.
The opening of sales begins on January 9th at 2:00 p.m. (Reunion time)

. No draw for packages.
The choice of package is open to foreigners and nationals not resident in the department.

Foreign competitors
Foreign competitors will be able to register on the site from January 18th , 2023 at 2:00 p.m. (Reunion time), without drawing lots..


Identity document: You are required to upload a travel document or an identity document specifying your nationality into the runner’s account.

It is strongly recommended that everyone check your email and telephone details, preferably on a mobile phone, by listing the assigned international number. The bib numbers will indeed be sent by email.

Points Diagonale des Fous and the Trail de Bourbon:

When pre-registering, you must imperatively indicate, in your runner’s space, the race(s) which gave you the points required to run the Trail De Bourbon or La Diagonale des Fous, namely:
Trail De Bourbon : 1 trail opening at least 75 points.
Diagonale des Fous : 2 trails opening at least 85 points each.

These points must be acquired between January 01st , 2022 and July 31st , 2023 . As a reminder, the test that you are going to justify, opens a certain number of points according to its distance and its elevation gain: 1km of distance is worth 1 point and 100m of elevation gain is worth 1 point. Only races exclusively on foot on a single stage, with classification are taken into consideration and you cannot add the points of several races to obtain these points. The calculation is made on the distance rounded to the km and the elevation gain rounded to the nearest hundred meters. No points are required for Mascareignes and Zembrocal trail . But experience and good training are advised.

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Amount of registration fees for the 2023 edition :

La Diagonale Des Fous
o Individual : 190 €*.
o Team per person: 190 €*.

The Bourbon Trail
o Individual : 135 €*.
o Team per person : 135 €*

The Mascareignes
o Individual : 100 €* Team per person
o Team per person: 100 €*.

Zembrocal trail, Relay race :
o Team of 4, price for the team: 320 €.

The bib number :

It is requested to use our standard model, which will be available for download on our website from June 1st.

The bib number will only be assigned after uploading the compulsory standard medical certificate to the appropriate runner account for registration for all between June 1st and August 31st , 2023 and after validation of the points required for the Diagonale des fous and the Bourbon trail .

The bib numbers of the teams at Zembrocal Trail will only be awarded if the 4 mandatory standard medical certificates are uploaded (with mention of the portion number) imperatively and only in each runner account used when registering the team.

It is recalled that the team captain is responsible for checking all the administrative procedures of his teammates. The association cannot be held responsible for any negligence in this regard.

After the date of August 31st , no medical certificate will be accepted and registration will be canceled according to the cancellation procedures in force.

Note of attention :
Each trail runner must ensure at least 15 days after uploading his standard medical certificate in his appropriate runner account, that all the documents have been received by the association. Good reception will generate a notification email subject to validation. Another means of verification, by regularly consulting the list of registrants on our website

Disclaimers :

During the pre-registration period and until the draw: any withdrawal will result in a fixed deduction of €15 regardless of the race.

From April 01st to May 31st :  any withdrawal will result in a refund of 60% of the registration amount
From June 1st to September 15th : any withdrawal will result in a refund of 40% of the registration amount.
From September 16th : no withdrawal will give rise to reimbursement

Regarding the relay race, the Zembrocal trail , in case of withdrawal of a member of the team the replacement of this one will be possible free of charge until August 31st .

SINGLE PROCEDURE : the captain must send an e-mail to [email protected], indicating as follows: the name and runner account number of the withdrawn And the name and runner account number of the replacement (by checking beforehand that the account of the latter is complete.

After this date, the withdrawal of a team member leads to the dissolution of the team, the reimbursement then being made according to the same rules as the other races.

All the information on the Terms and Conditions in the PDF,
to obtain them click on the document.

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Updated on 21 December 2022