Diagonale des Fous and Trail de Bourbon: Justifying points



If you are considering registering for La Diagonale des fous You will need to prove that you have run and completed 2 trails or Ultra-Trails of at least 85 points each, trails run and completed between 01/01/22 and 31/07/23.

You plan to register for the Trail de Bourbon, you will have to justify having run and finished 1 trail or Ultra-Trail opening at least 75 points, trail run and finished between the 01/01/22 and 31/07/23.

You will enter in your runner’s space, when you register, the races opening these points that you have already run with the date, your ranking, the mileage and the positive altitude difference or that you plan to run until 31 July 2023.

How to calculate your points: the event, which you are going to justify, opens a certain number of points according to its distance and its positive difference in altitude: 1 km of distance is worth 1 point and 100m of positive difference in altitude is worth 1 point.

No points are required for the Mascareignes and Zembrocal trail. But experience and good training are recommended.

- A 60km trail with 2500m of positive elevation gain is worth 60+25 points, or 85 points.

- An ultra-trail of 100km flat or a 100km road race with no difference in altitude is worth 100 points.

- A trail of 50km and 5000m of D+ is worth 100 points....

-  Only single-stage pedestrian races with a ranking are taken into consideration and you cannot add up the points of several races to obtain these points. The calculation is based on the distance rounded to the nearest km and the positive difference in altitude rounded to the nearest 100 metres.

Updated on 21 December 2022