Discover the official poster of the Grand Raid Réunion 2024: a concentration of colors and emotions imagined and created by Mickaël Bastien.

An explosion of contrasting colors
The visual, marked by striking contrasts between warm and cold colors, as well as the alternation between darkness and light, perfectly embodies the apparent contradiction between suffering and pleasure that characterizes ultra-trail running in general and the Grand Raid in particular. These graphic oppositions also recall the rugged landscapes of the island of La Réunion, reflecting the complex reality of the race, where pain and exhaustion are intrinsically linked to the fulfillment and deep joy of overcoming one’s limits. They illustrate how determination emerges in the heart of this contradiction.

Profile of the Diagonale des Fous
It recalls the rugged terrain of La Réunion, with its peaks and ravines suggesting the difficulty and extreme elevation that runners must overcome.

Abstraction and figuration
A blend of physical reality and participants’ emotional experience, the technique used, inspired by the palette knife, suggests the movement and sensations of the race.

Yellow, red, green, blue, and black
Recalling those of the logo and the races, the colors were chosen for their visual impact and their symbolism associated with warmth, strength, serenity, and the unknown.

Shadows and bursts of light
Night and isolation, shadow, contrast with the light represented by the comfort of refreshment stations and the first rays of sunlight.

Two runners, one goal
The female gaze and the runner against a backdrop of fiery colors embody the spirit, energy, and determination while evoking the warmth and endurance required for the challenge.

The bright path
It is not just a course to follow but also a glimmer of hope in the darkness, a guide for exhausted runners through the long hours of the night.

The star that leads to the beautiful country: Lo Mahavéli
The suggestion of the flag of La Réunion honors the identity of the island and encourages participants to follow their own star in this extraordinary adventure.