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La diagonale des fous

Le trail de Bourbon / La Mascareignes

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Registration formalities.


No draw of lot for strangers, not living at Réunion Island.

"La diagonale des fous," "Le trail de Bourbon" and "La Mascareignes"

In view of registration in 2016 for the three trails and ultra trails organized by the Association Grand Raid, here is some information to help you register. For foreign nationalities are not resident in Reunion Island, this information is for you.
You will have the opportunity to register directly to one of our three ultra trails and trails.
250 registrations are proposed at La Diagonale des fois, 100 at Trail de Bourbon and 100 at La Mascareignes.

The registration will begin February 1st, 2016at 10am (Réunion time).

Required points for "La diagonale des fous," "Le trail de Bourbon"
During your registry, you must imperatively indicate in your runner account, the races that have given to you the required points to run the "La diagonale des fous," "Le trail de Bourbon" (see HERE the number of required items and how to calculate them) .No points are required for "La Mascareignes".


The number bib:

The number bib will be given upon receipt of the medical certificate, between 1stJune and 15th September 2016.
Each trail runner must ensure at least 15 days after sending his medical certificate that the Association has received itby receiving anemail notification or by consulting the list of registered competitors.
After the September 15th, no medical certificate will be accepted and the registration will be cancelled according to the applicable cancellation terms.

Until 31stMay : It will be possible to withdraw without any justification. A cancelation fee of 40% will be deducted.
From 1st June to 15th September, withdrawals must be duly justified by a medical certificate confirmation the non-medical possibility to attend to one of our events (any other waiver request must be substantiated and will be considered by the Committee organization) with retention of 60%.
As of 16th September, no withdrawal will not give rise to reimbursement, even partial.