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Exciting opportunities to be created for athletes competing in both races.
2019 Swiss Canyon Trail takes place from 8-9 June, La Diagonale des Fous from 17-20 October.

For those who have not experienced the two races, the similarities, at first glance, may not appear obvious. One event is located on a volcanic island on a small French territory in the Indian Ocean - imagine beaches, lush greenery and an imperious volcano. The other is situated in the rugged, wild absinthe valley of Switzerland. A land of adventure and legend. Dig a little deeper though and La Diagonale des Fous and the Swiss Canyon Trail are two ultra race events with a number of points in common. This recent partnership, confirmed following recent meetings in Saint-Denis de la Réunion, celebrates the association.

The two races are defined by their natural environment. The Réunion island and the green valleys of the west of Switzerland are noted ideal trail running terrains. The race courses offered by the two events are not defined by one single feature but by the element of adventure and experience. For La Diagonale des Fous it is heavily forested volcanic slopes, dense, steep gorges and technical trails. In Switzerland the nature is equally enchanting with waterfalls and canyons a constant feature of complex courses. Neither race is defined by a single peak or an ascent but by the constant mental and physical challenge, the ever-changing switch in elevation, steep paths, rivers and by a sometimes intangible element of mystique, think of the absinthe and green fairy in Switzerland, the bright night stars, enchanting courses and partisan, lively local support in the Réunion.

La Diagonale des Fous, at 9643m of elevation over 165km, is the centre-piece of the four races (111km, 65km and a 185km relay) at the Grand Raid de la Réunion. The Swiss Canyon Trail, comprising the historic 75km Trail de l’Absinthe, welcomes its first 100km+ race in 2018, the 105K, featuring 5000m of positive elevation difference. Races renowned for their technical challenges. The events have a similar age and experience, Le Grand Raid founded in 1989, its new sister race in Switzerland in 1994.

The partnership celebrates the similarities between two races located on different hemispheres, encouraging athletes who have competed in one to attempt the other. With this in mind, the organisers will put in place special discounts for athletes competing in both races, a combined competition with special prizes and share over three decades of expertise in organising exceptional races. Delegations from both organising committees will develop specific programmes when meeting at the 2018 edition of both races.

• Swiss Canyon Trail athletes wishing to participate in the Diagonole des Fous 2019 are informed that they will have the advantage of not having to go through a random ballot if Swiss Canyon trail finished. In this way, they will automatically have the opportunity to register.
• In turn, runners participating in the Diagonole des Fous will receive a 20% discount on their Swiss Canyon Trail registration as long as they finish their race.
• To celebrate the start of the partnership, the winners of the 2018 Swiss Canyon Trail 105K will be invited free to the Reunion to participate in the Grand Raid of 2019. The best Réunionnais athletes, first man and first woman, will be invited to Switzerland for the 2019 Swiss Canyon Trail.

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